Running an online marketing business is truly time-consuming. You can just imagine how much time you need to spend just to make it run on a daily basis. For instance, you need to manually submit your articles and content, increase the numbers of followers in the different social media platforms, creating high quality links that people could follow, bookmarking and most especially, getting in touch with other people in the Web 2.0 sites.

While all of these are necessary, perhaps, your 24 hours per day would not be enough especially if you are planning to generate income as fast as you can.

Is There A Better Way To Do SEO?

When you think about it, it is all just about the submission of content. Ask yourself, what about the time you will need to spend in writing your content. It is good though if you have writers; however, if your business is new, you can expect that you will do everything on your own. You simply cannot do a manual click here and there and expect to generate money in a speedy manner. Hence, it is very important for you to have software that will make things easier for your part.

One of the most highly hidden secret SEO software is the Money Robot. It is used by many SEO marketers because of the fact that it does make their lives easier not only in terms of the tasks done but more so in generating income. There has not been a lot of publicity on this software as a lot of the users do not want this top secret weapon to fall into the wrong hand and gain a competitive edge. I know some gurus even sold this knowledge for $199 just to know about this SEO tool. Tell me about it.

Does Money Robot work?

Well, the easy answer would be YES. However, the YES you are hopeful to get would basically depend on how you run your business. You need to make sure that you only create honest and good information that people can use and be looking for. This also means that you need to deliver the goods and services to your customers just as you promised so that the conversion rate can be high. So let’s drill into the interesting part now and see what Money Robot can do for us.

Article Writing and Spinning

Money Robot Review

Money Robot Review

Content is the first piece of information needed for backlinking. You can spend a lot of money or time creating the contents you need for the backlinks but Money Robot comes built-in with content scraper and spinner which a lot of other SEO software might not have this built-in. The quality of the content scraped depends on the keywords you provide to it and the articles are spun without losing much of its integrity and thought. This makes it beneficial because you are still getting your message to your audiences and having an unique content for you backlinking effort.

Built-In Proxies

A reliable source of 10 dedicated proxies can cost around $20 per month, with Money Robot it comes built-in with thousands of proxies which will automatically be loaded from their servers using the built-in api thus provide saving to the users and increase the success rate of new account creation and submission. This feature alone is unique to Money Robot and a lot of the popular SEO tools in the market do not have it, thus this is one of the unique selling point to this tool.

Account Creations And Built-in Captcha

Money Robot currently have over 6000 websites in it’s database and is able to create accounts like social bookmarks, web 2.0, directory, press release, wiki, etc… and able to perform social like and share which is the newly added feature that had just been released. It also comes with it’s own built-in captcha breaker that will help to resolve some of the algorithm/pattern and for those more complex one it can use 3rd party captcha breaker like death by captcha and decaptcher. The software also comes with the feature to allow submission of campaign without creating any new accounts but to reuse those accounts that had already been created and thus do not incur any cost in captcha and also help to build up the authority of these sites.

Backlinking And Tiers

Backlinks are essential in making sure that your website gets into the first page of the search engine. This is because when people search for a specific keyword, different websites will appear on the first page and you would want to be there certainly because majority of the people will not check the second page onward. Hence, when you are in the first page, getting a click from that future customers is more possible.

Money Robot Review

Money Robot Review

When it comes to your backlinks, a lot of variation are needed for example, social bookmarks, web 2.0, directory, press release, wiki, etc… Money Robot will not just create all the various types of backlinks needed but will also create the multiple tiers depending on the default templates that you used or create using the diagram editor, thus you can expect that all the link juice can flow automatically to your money site in a natural and effective way. Drip feeding is available as an option but you do not really need it for general usage.

All the anchor texts and related information about how you want the links to be built are easily manageable in the user friendly interface. You can expect that the reliable backlinks created can helps to increase your money sites page matrices, which is essential in making your website known and appear on the first page of the search engine.

Session Based Submission And Account Creation

Another unique feature about Money Robot is that it is not using socket connection for the tasks like account creation and submission but session base. Although the speed for session base connection will be slower than the normal SEO tools which uses socket connection but the success rate is a lot higher as it is emulating the human like behavior and the various authority platforms will not be able to differentiate it.

Customer Support

In any type of business, customer support is the most integral part of making your business a success. This is an assurance to customers that you are only selling your products to them but your concern for your clients is extended even after they have got your product. The same thing holds true for Money Robot. You are guaranteed that you will get the support that you need especially in running the tool. If you have inquiries, they will gladly help you on how to use it to ensure that your investment to them will not be put to waste.


So if you are going to ask if this Money Robot works? Again, it does but it will still depend on how you manage it. But rest assured, given that it worked for so many people, then you can expect that it will work for you as well. The most important thing that you need to remember though is that you need to be using the tool correctly and follow the basic SEO strategy like not spamming your money site to death as this is a great tool but will need some SEO knowledge for it to achieve the optimum result. This way, you can get the most benefits out of this product. Hope you like my Money Robot review, please share it if you think this had helped you.

Looking for a private blog network manager? If you are having trouble finding the best PBN manager, it is the right time for you to contract Easy Blog Networks. Easy Blog Networks is a specialized solution built from the ground up for server & IP diversity, security, speed and autopilot maintenance that you need for your Private Blog Networks. In the past, setting up a PBN is a very tedious task. You really need to spend a lot of your time, resources and money but now with EBN everything is set to provide you all the things you need for your PBN. It takes time to have it perfected and now it has come into reality, ready to provide extraordinary and useful services to every individual.

What is a Private Blog Network or PBN?

Private Blog Network or PBN is a group of blogs on aged domains and hosted on different servers with different IPs. It is termed aged domains the fact that in most cases, it is made up from expired domains.  An expired domain is a domain that was owned by somebody else in the past. It has content and the website was lived before and the webmaster was providing maintenance for the site. It might be a very good website in the past that attracted a lot of visitors. Hence, for whatever reason, the owner decided to abandon it and let the domain registration expire.  When a domain has finally expired, anyone can buy it with the right price but with lots of potentials.

Why would someone create and need a PBN?

Private Blog NetworkA PBN is a powerful network that you can control the content and the links within the domain.  This means that you can add, delete, change or alter the content so it relates specifically to your niche.  More importantly, as every PBN owner may want, you can create and alter the anchor text that links to your website.  Anchor text is the text that often appears as a blue-colored hyperlink – this is what you click to jump to another site or page may it be related to that site you are in or not.

Furthermore, an expired domain is likely to contain a good amount of link juice to any website with a link from it.  Link juice can be thought of as ranking power, and surely an expired domain can pass more ranking power than a brand new domain. That is why a lot of internet savvy people, individuals who are creating a lot of money in the internet today want private blogging network.

How to create Private Blogging Network?

  • Finding aged domains
  • Hosting and setting up blogs
  • Publishing content to your blogs
  • Linking back to your money sites

How Easy Blog Network will help you?

  • Selecting best expired domains might not be that easy for everyone. Easy Blog Network will help you hunt and choose the best expired domains based on page rank, Moz, Majestic SEO and many more. This will ensure you are not buying a total garbage domain.
  • Eliminate any identifiers in your blog or footprints that search engine may discover you own these blogs and may result to discounting your links or receive any related penalties.
  • Develop your PBN using different theme plugins and content.
  • Let you operate seamlessly having different hosting provider networks located in different countries all over the world in just a few simple clicks.

Easy Blog Network will surely set you free from any pain and struggle in developing your PBN. Private Blog Network ServiceFrom hosting, word press management and content publishing to maintenance, security, updates and providing backups for your files Easy Blog Network will do it all for you in just with a few clicks of your mouse. Full autopilot for PBNs is within reach with this excellent solution.

An easy blog networks review in YouTube cited that having this solution will draw search engines’ attention to the multiple PNBs you have created. That Google might detect you to have hundreds of PNBs from different hosting provider networks located in different countries.  Are you kidding me? How would they do that? And if they will do, why would search engines spend their time and resources for that? Well, I know one thing that is proven to be true right now; there are already a bunch of people relying on this solution for their private blogging network today. I haven’t heard one of those subscribers yet complaining about his sites being penalized by Google. They are continually enjoying the solution so far and making lots of money for it. So, does easy blog network works? Definitely, Yes!  This is practically one of the best private blogging network solutions these days.

To give everybody a chance having this solution its rates are absolutely affordable. Not only big companies and rich individuals can afford this. Everybody can have it because this is created for everyone.

Plan type Price features Bonus item
Agency $179.00 Hosting 2×50 Blogs
Autopilot Maintenance
Daily Backups
7-day=$7 trial
Webmaster $99.00  50 Blogs Hosting
Autopilot Maintenance
Daily Backups
7-day=$7 trial
Blogger $49.00  20 Blogs Hosting
Autopilot Maintenance
Daily Backups
7-day=$7 trial
Mini $29.00 10 Blogs Hosting
Autopilot Maintenance
Daily Backups
7-day=$7 trial

With 30 day money back guarantee

Easy Blog Networks ReviewThe solution is provided to help you get more money not to make you money. Once you have acquired a subscription focus on the items and details that will boost the potentials of the goods you are promoting or marketing. Bear in mind that everything within a network has its own limitation and maybe some restrictions. But when anything happens along the way you can seek assistance from one of the support channels that they have available in the site They will not leave you behind. They provide assistance before you subscribe to their solution through the 7-day trial, help you create and make your PBNs work when you purchased it and we will provide support to you anytime throughout your subscription. If you don’t like the service, tell them and they will return your money back within 30 days of usage. Easy Blog Network is an honest solution.

In a world where technology is the dominant factor it is very important to be within the pace of the demand of the people. Internet marketing is probably the most popular business today. Website design is hard work, but what makes the website catchy is the article in it. Let’s face it people are bored to read articles that are the same. So is it possible that this articles can be rewritten in a way that when the people read it they find it new and fresh? The answer to this is Spin Rewriter!

How Does Article Spinning Really Works?

Spinning Articles can make this come true. There are millions of content in the web that need proper rewriting and the best article rewriter can be found mainly in sites that are proven and tested. Clients and writers have searched for article spinning software but in reality it is very hard to find. Article spinning is an amazing way to create multiple copies of your original article but at the same time it maintains the same intent of your original text. To create a stunning article and use it on different sites severely lowers its impact on SEO as that is deem as a duplicate content.

Spinrewriter Review

Spinrewriter Review

Having duplicate content is not acceptable in the world of online content creation. The idea behind this is to prevent identical articles from dominating the top of the search engines. People will notice that what you’re doing is not etiquette not only that it can also damage your reputation. People have searched the web for ways to rewrite an article at the same time maintain its uniqueness and intent. Many people are asking does Spin Rewriter works? without even trying it, well it’s a test of assurance to the customers. Creating and spinning articles is entirely different but with Spin Rewriter one can create and spin articles without even noticing the rewritten article linking back to the original version.

What is Spin Rewriter?

It’s an amazing spinner that allows you to top the rankings easily in Google without the added price on content creation. It’s just the most powerful spinner that creates a whole new experience in article spinning. It is built in with ENL Semantic Spinning technology that makes it the best article spinner in the world. If you searched the web for reviews about article spinners, I’m pretty sure that you will find Spin Rewriter reviews with the latest feedbacks from customers who were glad to have discovered this miracle spinner.

Why Do People Need An Article Spinning Software?

The idea to write articles and then rewrite it a couple of times but at the same time, the quality and originality of the article are still intact is a highly sought after feature in the article writing industry. The point is to make rewritten articles and then include the links back to the original site. By doing this, Google will tell that the links are popular and push the site to the top of the search rankings. It is possible with Spin Rewriter to create new and fresh articles that can be used in other websites Does Spinrewriter Workswithout the trouble of being accused of using duplicate content. One can imagine that creating new articles would take a lot of time and the number of good quality articles one can make is limited. Considering the amount of ideas a writer can process in his/her brain. That is why article spinning tool was introduced to the industry. Rewritten articles that are very similar to the original text is not that effective. But if you can create a rewritten article with the same impact as the first one you can catch the attention of the readers again and again. The trouble in rewriting articles is that it’s not easy to find an article spinning software that is reliable and easy to use. The fact that there are hundreds or maybe thousands of this software is the proof that article rewriting is highly in demand.

What Are The Benefits Of Content Spinning?

In general, there are several reasons why article spinning is very popular nowadays.

  • First would be that if one is making a micro niche website an established and easy to digest content is necessary for your visitors. Creating hundreds of content on the site can easily boost up the popularity of your website in the search engines. Article rewriting online in this example is helpful, the more content a website has, the more links it can establish.
  • Second would be the idea that by spinning articles a writer can submit many articles to different sites. The viewers will not stick to a single site, that is why creating more content means more sites to fill in. That also means more viewers to boost your site up the rankings.
  • Third is the idea of climbing up the rankings, it is quite evident the quality spin articles get more of the viewer’s interest. This will ensure that every article you’ve used is unique and catchy to the viewers.

Many More Ways Of Using Spin ArticleArticle Spinning Software

This is just some of the amazing ways to how one can improve their experience in article writing. Let’s face it not many people have the mind of a genius that they can create hundreds of article. That is why spinning articles can be consider as one of the most useful inventions of mankind. But always consider the fact that not all spinning software programs are helpful. Some rewritten articles can still be classified as a duplicate if you’re using a low quality spinner. In other words, it is very important that you only use high quality and well tested software like Spin Rewriter, not only that it is tested to be effective it is also quite easy to use.


The article rewriting industry is a very important part of the worldwide web, and it is very essential that each article that is written needs to be attractive at the same time very informative to the readers. If you want articles to be in the highest quality possible and you intend to produce a large number of them, then you have to go with Spin rewriter. It is the best article spinning software in the market today. With Spin rewriter, all your worries about content creation can be easily solved with just a handful of articles that can be easily rewritten to provide hundreds even thousands unique quality rewritten articles.

Content Rewriter