WebFire Review: Dominating Search Engine Rankings

 WebFire Review

For internet marketers, the internet is like a typical Roman gladiator arena. Every day, they need to battle with their competitors nonstop to win the favor of the emperor, which is Google. Unfortunately, skills alone cannot make an internet marketing gladiator win the battles he will face. He needs the sharpest and sturdiest weapons in order to dominate his competitors. In case you are an internet gladiator looking for your winning wares, check out this neat killing machine: WebFire. This is a detailed WebFire review, so start paying more attention.

What Is WebFire Anyway?

WebFire is one of the newest and innovative SEO and internet-marketing tool on the World Wide Web. And it works like internet napalm against competitors. Fundamentally, it is a marketing suite jam-packed with the latest optimization apps and updated protocols to protect you from the evil Google Pandas, Penguins, and Hummingbirds.

webfire reviewNo Skills Required – Sort of

As long as you have the fundamental understanding of internet marketing, you will be able to use WebFire. Its interface is user friendly, though it is too simplistic to be honest. Unlike other SEO tools, it does not boast a flashy dashboard, but it is very easy to use and navigate due to the absence of unnecessary clutter.

Fast SEO Reporting

To know what your website lacks to rank in the search engines, you can use WebFire’s fast reporting and analyzing tool. It will point out the most glaring errors your site has, and will provide suggestions on how to eliminate or improve them.

Automated Press Release Distribution

Posting press releases is a powerful way to get your site known by ordinary internet users and prominent internet media reporters. Fortunately, WebFire can distribute your press release automatically for you. With that function, you will not need to worry about looking for press release websites that are trustworthy and popular, and posting on them one by one.

Automatic Marketing Video Creation Tool

People are lazy creatures. They prefer watching videos instead of reading. Because of that, creating and publishing videos become a more powerful way to get information across the internet. As an internet marketer, you need to take advantage of it. However, creating videos is a mundane task that will consume your time. Thanks to WebFire, you can create videos in a matter of minutes by just pasting the script to the tool.

Article Spinner

Yes, using this function is scary as hell. Google will rape your site once it detects that you are posting spun and spammy content. However, WebFire guarantees that it can generate a hundred variations of articles that are authentic and natural.

Keyword, Domain, and Ranking Tool

Looking for popular keywords, expired domains, and high ranking sites in a search engine site is difficult. And it becomes harder since you will need to do that on three search engines (Google, Yahoo!, and Bing). With WebFire, just indicate the keyword, grab a coffee, and you will get the results that you want. Make sure that make use of instant coffee, since it is so fast that you will not have time to grind your beans.


Use Article Video Robot To Create A Video In Less Than an Hour


Article Video Robot

Article Video Robot is an online program that can convert your article or script into well-made videos with voiceovers within minutes. To know more about this product, continue reading this short Article Video Robot review and also checkout the 50% coupon code at the end of the article.

Creating videos is not easy; even creating simple slideshows can be daunting. Even if you are just going to make a one minute video, you can consume two to three hours brainstorming, creating, and editing.

And in case you are an internet marketer, you know very well that video content is one of the key elements to your success. However, you are a marketer, not a cinematographer. Not only you do not have the necessary skills to create beautiful videos, but you will also waste your precious time trying. It might have been best if you spent that time looking for new leads.

Anyway, to solve that issue without the need to hire an expensive video maker or editor, you can take advantage of Article Video Robot.

Article Video Robot ReviewVoiceovers For Videos

Also, do not worry about the voiceovers. The software is not going to use something like Microsoft Sam’s super robotic voice. If you want to hear some samples, you can go ahead and visit the site. The site’s homepage showcases five video samples there that will surely amaze you.

Background Music

A video without background music is boring. However, using copyrighted songs from the internet can be a problem. On the other hand, hiring a musician to give you the BGM you want can be a bit expensive – not to mention that you might not like what you get. With Article Video Robot, you do not need to worry about that. The program has many stock music clips that you can choose from, and most of them are very catchy, which is excellent for marketing videos.

Video Design

Take note that Article Video Robot is not an automated slideshow generator. It is more than that. This app has numerous beautifully crafted themes that can make your video alive, and different from boring run of the mill presentations. Also, the program has a wide array of themes that can be suited for any niche market you are targeting. Whether you are going to market photography or search engine optimization, Article Video Robot has a theme that will go well with it.

Hosting For The Video

After the video had been created, you can just share the link that is being generated or embed the code on any website to share the video without uploading it to any other video sharing site if you wish to. This is provided as part of the package.

Automatic Video Distributing

Aside from creating a video and hosting it for you, it can also upload the finished product on popular video sharing sites such as YouTube, MetaCafe, DailyMotion, etc. Also, it will conveniently transfer the video straight from Article Video Robot server directly to the sharing sites, so you would not need to download the video and reupload it again to other sources.

Resource Box

In addition, it will even handle the description and resource box for you. You will not need to edit your video’s boxes one by one anymore. Just indicate the content on the program, and it will automatically do its thing.

Article Video Robot Price

It is dirt cheap. Every video that you will request will cost around a dollar. Compare it to the time you might waste if you create the video yourself or hire somebody to do it for you.

Conclusion On AVR

Do check out Article Video Robot if you wish to save time in video creation, uploading and driving traffic to it. It will take sometime to setup all the different accounts needed to utilize the full suite of features but the time spend in setting this up is well worth it as it just need to be setup once to be use as much as you want. I enclosed this coupon code for a 50% discount (AVR2-TRACKING88-2) do utilise this as long as the promotion is still going on. I hope you have enjoy this short review on article video robot and utilise this tool to create your marketing videos.

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