Running an online marketing business is truly time-consuming. You can just imagine how much time you need to spend just to make it run on a daily basis. For instance, you need to manually submit your articles and content, increase the numbers of followers in the different social media platforms, creating high quality links that people could follow, bookmarking and most especially, getting in touch with other people in the Web 2.0 sites.

While all of these are necessary, perhaps, your 24 hours per day would not be enough especially if you are planning to generate income as fast as you can.

Is There A Better Way To Do SEO?

When you think about it, it is all just about the submission of content. Ask yourself, what about the time you will need to spend in writing your content. It is good though if you have writers; however, if your business is new, you can expect that you will do everything on your own. You simply cannot do a manual click here and there and expect to generate money in a speedy manner. Hence, it is very important for you to have software that will make things easier for your part.

One of the most highly hidden secret SEO software is the Money Robot. It is used by many SEO marketers because of the fact that it does make their lives easier not only in terms of the tasks done but more so in generating income. There has not been a lot of publicity on this software as a lot of the users do not want this top secret weapon to fall into the wrong hand and gain a competitive edge. I know some gurus even sold this knowledge for $199 just to know about this SEO tool. Tell me about it.

Does Money Robot work?

Well, the easy answer would be YES. However, the YES you are hopeful to get would basically depend on how you run your business. You need to make sure that you only create honest and good information that people can use and be looking for. This also means that you need to deliver the goods and services to your customers just as you promised so that the conversion rate can be high. So let’s drill into the interesting part now and see what Money Robot can do for us.

Article Writing and Spinning

Money Robot Review

Money Robot Review

Content is the first piece of information needed for backlinking. You can spend a lot of money or time creating the contents you need for the backlinks but Money Robot comes built-in with content scraper and spinner which a lot of other SEO software might not have this built-in. The quality of the content scraped depends on the keywords you provide to it and the articles are spun without losing much of its integrity and thought. This makes it beneficial because you are still getting your message to your audiences and having an unique content for you backlinking effort.

Built-In Proxies

A reliable source of 10 dedicated proxies can cost around $20 per month, with Money Robot it comes built-in with thousands of proxies which will automatically be loaded from their servers using the built-in api thus provide saving to the users and increase the success rate of new account creation and submission. This feature alone is unique to Money Robot and a lot of the popular SEO tools in the market do not have it, thus this is one of the unique selling point to this tool.

Account Creations And Built-in Captcha

Money Robot currently have over 6000 websites in it’s database and is able to create accounts like social bookmarks, web 2.0, directory, press release, wiki, etc… and able to perform social like and share which is the newly added feature that had just been released. It also comes with it’s own built-in captcha breaker that will help to resolve some of the algorithm/pattern and for those more complex one it can use 3rd party captcha breaker like death by captcha and decaptcher. The software also comes with the feature to allow submission of campaign without creating any new accounts but to reuse those accounts that had already been created and thus do not incur any cost in captcha and also help to build up the authority of these sites.

Backlinking And Tiers

Backlinks are essential in making sure that your website gets into the first page of the search engine. This is because when people search for a specific keyword, different websites will appear on the first page and you would want to be there certainly because majority of the people will not check the second page onward. Hence, when you are in the first page, getting a click from that future customers is more possible.

Does Money Robot Work

Does Money Robot Work

When it comes to your backlinks, a lot of variation are needed for example, social bookmarks, web 2.0, directory, press release, wiki, etc… Money Robot will not just create all the various types of backlinks needed but will also create the multiple tiers depending on the default templates that you used or create using the diagram editor, thus you can expect that all the link juice can flow automatically to your money site in a natural and effective way. Drip feeding is available as an option but you do not really need it for general usage.

All the anchor texts and related information about how you want the links to be built are easily manageable in the user friendly interface. You can expect that the reliable backlinks created can helps to increase your money sites page matrices, which is essential in making your website known and appear on the first page of the search engine.

Session Based Submission And Account Creation

Another unique feature about Money Robot is that it is not using socket connection for the tasks like account creation and submission but session base. Although the speed for session base connection will be slower than the normal SEO tools which uses socket connection but the success rate is a lot higher as it is emulating the human like behavior and the various authority platforms will not be able to differentiate it.

Customer Support

In any type of business, customer support is the most integral part of making your business a success. This is an assurance to customers that you are only selling your products to them but your concern for your clients is extended even after they have got your product. The same thing holds true for Money Robot. You are guaranteed that you will get the support that you need especially in running the tool. If you have inquiries, they will gladly help you on how to use it to ensure that your investment to them will not be put to waste.


So if you are going to ask if this Money Robot works? Again, it does but it will still depend on how you manage it. But rest assured, given that it worked for so many people, then you can expect that it will work for you as well. The most important thing that you need to remember though is that you need to be using the tool correctly and follow the basic SEO strategy like not spamming your money site to death as this is a great tool but will need some SEO knowledge for it to achieve the optimum result. This way, you can get the most benefits out of this product. Hope you like my Money Robot review, please share it if you think this had helped you.

Flash Cash Club SEO Tools Review Money Robot Review Does Money Robot Work?

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