Review On Viewbix A CTA In Video Marketing Product

Making and watching videos have become an integral part of today’s social media world. Some of them use videos to promote products and services, some to spread news, and some simply to increase traffic and gain audience.

One of the many popular video marketing platforms used nowadays is Viewbix. It’s a complete software pack that provides you with a lot of perks and benefits.

Learn all about Viewbix through this Viewbix Review.

What is Viewbix?

Viewbix is a video advertising platform used for creating highly personalized video players. It also lets you add applications and call to action in video to share experiences among social media sites and to drive engagement in your audiences.

Viewbix is also fully interactive – it lets your customers transact and engage while viewing videos. Every action that takes place in this player is tracked, and those actions are all reported – this is to ensure that clients are able to optimize their players with the best apps possible.

Viewbix Features

People often ask how efficient and fast does Viewbix work. Little do they know the benefits produced by this software.

What can Viewbix do?

– You can brand your videos.

o After making the video, you can proceed and enhance it further. You can add your contact information. The player can even be personalized – by doing so, you can build brand equity and deliver the desired experience for your viewers.

 – You can have clickable links directly on your video player.

o Not only you can add clickable links in video,but you can also add CTA in Video.

 – Helps you share other content

o Viewbix can help you add music, photos, directions, maps and more.

– Helps grow your mailing list

o Your video player can include newsletters and mailing lists. Leads can be created while getting viewers engaged real-time.

 – Get your audience engaged

o Your customers can get engaged on your topics. They can see your responses and comments without having to leave the video.

 – Allows you to access your videos even on mobile devices

o The interactive videos created will work both in the Facebook profiles and feeds. You can access your videos on Android and iOS devices.

Viewbix apps place dynamic subjects on top of Vimeo Pro, YouTube or Facebook videos to provide a rich experience that you can share across various social networking platforms.

Promotion On ViewbixViewbix Review

Aside from the usual plans, you can also take advantage of a Viewbix discount code or coupon code that might be available from time to time when you are subscribed to the service or to the mailing list.

The promotions usually include the option to subscribe to the service at a huge discount. Whenever you spot the promotion that is going on, make sure to fully capitalize on it.

How to Buy Viewbix

If you want to test the waters first, you can take advantage of the software’s 14-day free trial. Don’t worry, you’re given a chance to check the features first prior to making a complete purchase.

If the trial period worked in your favor, and you ended up wanting to buy the full version, then here’s the process if you want to buy Viewbix.

Annual Billing

There are three options for annual billing: Silver, Gold and Platinum. Silver costs $19.99 for 1 player and 5,000 impressions*. Gold (the most popular option) costs $39.99 for 5 players and 50,000 impressions. Platinum costs $79.99 for 25 players and 250,000 impressions.

Month-by-Month Promo

You can also choose to purchase the monthly promotions. Similar to Annual Billing, the monthly promo also has Silver, Gold and Platinum options. . Silver costs $24.99 for 1 player and 5,000. Gold –the most popular option—costs $49.99 for 5 players and 50,000 impressions. Platinum costs $99.99 for 25 players and 250,000 impressions.


Not satisfied with the service? That’s not a problem. You can stop the service anytime without any additional fees. All you need to do is to go to your account, and choose the Change Plan button.

On the other hand, if you purchased the paid plans but discovered you don’t need the service anymore, then you can just cancel the plan during the first three days. Cancelling the plan within that timeframe will give you a full refund – no other questions asked.

Why Use Viewbix?

Viewers who watch videos in Viewbix tend to click on the Call-To-Action (CTA) button. They also have tendencies of clicking the apps inside the player as well.

Viewbix provides a lot of powerful marketing techniques, and your traffic is enabled by this product to embed links, add social apps that keep those links in tact when shared with lots of additional apps like local weather forecasts, maps, email and newsletter collection and many more powerful marketing techniques.

Other Viewbix reviews have provided positive feedback about the product. Will you sing its praises as well?

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