If you are into affiliate marketing then you have probably made use of a URL shortener to make it easier to share your links online, but a URL shortener by itself is limited in what it can do. If you want to be able to manage your marketing efforts effectively you need better analytics. That’s where RocketLink comes in. Checkout my Rocketlink review as follow.

RocketLink Review: What Is Rocketlink?

RocketLink is a custom URL shortening tool with a difference, it lets you add a retargeting pixel to your shortened links so that you can improve your marketing efforts.

What Does RocketLink Have to Offer?

RocketLink allows you to share links as normal, but with a retargeting pixel embedded in it. Those pixels can be from any of the major analytics platforms, or from a proprietary tracking system, so you can add pixels for:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LikedIn
  • AdWords
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics
  • Other off-site services (via Google Tag Manager)

Retargeting is important because it means that if someone follows a link then leaves the site, you can keep track of them and show them diferent ads to a first-time user when they’re on other sites. This makes it easier to tempt them back.

Rocketlink Review

Remarketing is not a new idea, but as this RocketLink review will highlight, RocketLink makes it easier than ever before to do. All you have to do is create your pixel by selecting one of the Pixel Templates, then create a new link and add the pixel to it.

When Would You Use RocketLink

RocketLink is best for the times when you don’t control the page you’re linking to. If you’re linking to your own property, put the link in there instead. If you’re linking to other people’s content, though, and you want to make sure that you can keep track of everyone that clicks the link, then you can use RocketLink.

Why would you want to do this? Well, if you know who clicks on the business articles that you promote via Twitter, then you have the start of a business marketing list. You get a lot of the benefits of content marketing without the effort of having to make your own content.

RocketLink lets you build up your database by stealth. You can make social media posts on Facebook groups, Reddit or LinkedIn, and track the people who click on those links, then remarket to them later. This will go down much better with the mods than directly spamming the product that you want to promote.

RocketLink Pros

RocketLink is very easy to use. There are several pixel templates and all you need to do is find the information in the relevant platform and fill out the form to add a pixel. There’s no coding knowledge required. It takes just a few mouse clicks to create a new pixel.

Creating Links is as simple as adding a URL and a name, then selecting which pixels you want to add. You can add multiple pixels to a link. If you’re running several campaigns you can select what campaign the link belongs to which will make it easier to manage information in the future.

Rocketlink review

RocketLink offers easy analysis of the statistics for your links, so if you just want an overview of the form you would get from other URL shortening platforms, the information is there for you to browse.

RocketLink Cons

RocketLink lets you set up links using templates only. There is no simple ‘custom link’ option. That doesn’t mean you can’t use pixels from other services. You can add any service to Google Tags and then add Google Tags to RocketLink. This is, however, an unnecessary extra step that could be avoided with some simple changes.

RocketLink is not a full retargeting setup. You will still need to have pixels on the page as well for when you use other ways of promoting your site or when you get direct traffic.

Linking to a page via RocketLink will slightly increase loading times. It’s fairly fast and robust, but it’s not like going to a site directly.

RocketLink should only be used if you are not able to put retargeting pixels on your site. For example, if you want to track third-party page links.

How Much Does RocketLink Cost?

Custom URL Shortener Service

No RocketLink review would be complete without the cost of the service. There are subscription tiers, with the basic option being $19 a month. This lets you add two pixels, and 20 links a month, with 4 Custom scripts/CTAs, 1 custom domain and all of the other benefits that the service offers, such as unlimited clicks and analytics.

The mid-tier package allows you to add 5 pixels, 100 links a month, 20 Custom scripts/CTAs and 5 custom domains for $29 per month, while the top package at $69 per month lets you add 50 pixels, and 1000 links per month, 100 Custom scripts/CTAs and 50 custom domains. The basic package is perfectly suitable for learning and experimenting, but you will outgrow it quickly. The bigger packages are better for serious marketers.

Conclusion On Rocketlink Review

If you’ve read this far into our RocketLink review then you are probably wondering if the service is worth subscribing to. That really depends on what your marketing strategy is.

RocketLink is a powerful tool in the right hands, but you will need to have a marketing plan and you will need to implement it consistently and diligently. RocketLink gives you the tools you need to do sophisticated remarketing but it is up to you how you make use of those tools. Done right, it’s a very useful system.

There are a few areas where it is lacking, such as the limited number of pixels that can be added on the lower tier packages, and the lack of a ‘custom pixel’ option built-in to the tool. You can work around this with Google Tags, however that may be too cumbersome for some people.

Overall, however, RocketLink is light-years ahead of most rivals, and is a great way for people who want to engage in retargeting to keep track of the people who have clicked on the shortened links that they have shared.

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