Microsite Masters is proven to be effective as a web-based rank tracker. This is being used in monitoring the ranking results for the corresponding websites and keywords on Bing, Yahoo and Google. Most agencies and internet markets that tried on using it enjoy the ability of centralizing the management. They effectively track their organic campaigns by first logging into the dashboard wherein websites, projects, ranking data and keyword sets are accessed easily. Most of the professionals have used the product in the effective task of acquiring ranking data from the search engines. The ranking data are automated, managed and simplified as part of the service that is being provided. There is no longer a need to be stressed out in checking the rankings on a manual basis. Even keeping track of the rankings is made easy by the use of spreadsheets. Microsite Masters and its positive points are strongly emphasized among the many website owners. They have seen that this powerful toolset presents its features that help in getting the most updated and accurate ranking information for all keywords and websites.

Microsite Masters Superior Tracking Metrics Feature Helps you Determine the Campaign Efficiency

Microsite Masters is one of the best rank tracking tools known for its superior tracking metrics feature. This is reliable in determining the efficiency of a website campaign. With this feature, the daily ranks are being monitored as part of the SEO campaigns on different search engines. The best thing about this rank tracking software is that it helped in the development of newer strategies along the reduced costs on the part of the owner. There is also a great ease in using this SEO rank tracking tool. As a result, the “trial and error” methods are being eliminated along the campaign management tools. As part of the good Microsite Masters review, this keyword rank tracking tool not only track Google SERP but also served its best purpose in monitoring Bing and Yahoo. Everything that is related in the rankings are also being viewed. Both keywords that have dropped and increased are being monitored effectively. This is a part of the benefit offered by the advanced tracking metrics that help in the efficient campaign.

Get the Complete Picture with the Keyword View Feature

In the continued existence of your website, it matters paying more attention on the ranking of the website. Microsite Masters is one of the best rank tracking tools that lets Microsite Masters Reviewyou view the rankings of the site. With the keyword view feature, you get to view the ranking of the site, with every keyword that you incorporated. In addition, you are allowed to spot the Google Updates and monitor the competitors. You can also do online reputation management (ORM) along great convenience and ease. Keyword View is the nicest feature of this keyword rank tracking tool and this feature makes it incomparable among other rank tracking tools. This is because this allows you of looking at a single keyword and seeing the ranking of the site and competitors. Apart from it, you also have the opportunity of seeing the site that has dipped up and down. You are also aware of why the site of the competitors has gone up. This is perfect information to be used in managing the ranking of your website. Thus, you can stand on top of the competition.

Track Performance, Campaign Data, Performance and ROI in a Single Interface

This rank tracking software has this feature that tracks performance, campaign data and return on investment (ROI) in just a single interface. Thus, the impacts of the SERP are being measured effectively. This paves way to the improvement of the campaign actions Rank Tracking Toolthat are needed in putting the presence of website on top of others. More concrete and effective campaigns are analyzed and developed for the website. Other than that, managing the clients has never been this easy with this feature. The great thing is that SEO services are being managed effectively for the guaranteed satisfaction of clients. Through this feature, the accountability and automation are being used for the advantage of the websites. ROI Tracking is also made easy with the daily updates in the timeframe that is set. Thus, website owners get the maximum results in the end.

Negative Point Of Microsite Masters

The only negative point about this rank tracking software is that its dashboard can be a little distracting on the part of newbie’s. However, this still has its project wizard that makes it a useful tool among the users. This is still the best search engine rank tracking tool to be used by many users. This is on top of the search engine rank tracking tools that proved its credibility in the many benefits that it offers.


Microsite Masters is the best rank tracking tool to use among agencies and SEO firms. This is excellent for its many varied benefits and features. The purpose of getting the most updated and reliable tracking information is made easy among users. Thus, the business website exists on top of other competitors. The many features and benefits include the superior tracking metrics that help in determining the efficiency of a website campaign. Thus, more methodologies are being introduced for the campaign management. The keyword view feature also has its benefit of having a complete view of the keyword. The user is allowed to spot the Google updates, monitor the competitors and implement ORM with great ease. Apart from it, tracking the performance, ROI and campaign data is made easy among website owners. Certain actions are being monitored for the effectiveness of the website. The clients are being managed with respect to the time and pricing. As mentioned, accountability and automation are being presented to the website owners. Thus, this is a useful tool that helps in devising a better attack in progress tracking and project management. There is nothing that compares to this rank tracking software that presents its useful features and benefits to many website owners and users!

Leafit is a new type of social media and social networking website. While the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter are focused on sharing content and building a network of friends, this one allows you to post pictures and then earn money in doing so. Basically, when people purchase products or avail of services as a direct result of the pictures you posted, then you will be paid. Similar to other social media, everyone can join Leafit, and it’s free!

The focus of this article though isn’t really to promote Leafit. Instead, we’re here to scrutinize, dig deeper, and even investigate what it has to offer to everyone who fancy social media. So let’s start this Leafit review with a little more discussion on what it really is and what it’s not.

How Does Leafit Work?

First of all, Leafit is not a scam – contrary to some people saying it is. The reason why others are skeptical about it is because it offers a new approach to social networking. It works and is in fact integrated with the concept of eCommerce. You don’t see them charging your credit card without any permission. The site does not have up-sells or deceiving hypes, as you will see being attested even in other Leafit reviews. There are two particular levels you can join with, namely Affiliate and Associate.Leafit Review

The highlights of this new social media combined with eCommerce site are:

Snap It – This is a feature where you share a picture, take one, or maybe use one you already have in your collection, or find anything online.

Tag It – As soon as you post a picture, you will be prompted to tag product or service within the picture. What happens next is that the system will be looking over 18000 retailers and look for the guaranteed lowest price for the product/service and then that tag is connected to the picture.

Share It – As you post a picture on Leafit, it will be shared in every social networking account you have. So when someone clicks on your post on the site or other networks and then purchases the product or service tagged to that particular post, then you’re making money through commission.

What Are The Target Audience/Users For Leafit?

Social Media AppsWe’ve answered the question – what is Leafit. This time, let’s talk about the targeted users. In essence, it is practically for everyone, or at least every person who has a computer or mobile device that can access the web. Of course, it is only limited for those who are interested. So someone is fond of spending the entire day in Facebook or Twitter without even thinking of earning money, this one will do better. There’s no requirement like being an internet marketing expert or whatever – the site is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly.

As mentioned earlier, there are two specific levels of membership when signing up with Leafit. These are Affiliate, which by the way is free, and Associate or Distributor, which costs $49 per month. Let’s have a brief look at these membership levels:

1 – Leafit Affiliate

The product for this free membership is Leafit App. The tools include the Leafit Website and Affiliate Back Office. There are two ways for free affiliates to use the app to earn money. First, you can get a $17 commission for every personal iGrow membership enrollment. Second, you may earn 10% in sales commission on direct sales. But what’s really nice about this Leafit Affiliate membership is that although it is free, you can upgrade to the more comprehensive Associate service anytime you want.

2 – Leafit Associate/Distributor

The products are Leafit App and iGrow University Education with OMCP Certificate. The tools available for Associates and Distributors are Sales Training, Sales Funnels, Daily Webinars, Auto Responders, and Leafit Website and Associate Back Office. Unlike the free membership, this one comes with four different ways to earn. These are 9 Generation Uni-Level, 3×9 Forced Matrix, Evergreen Check Match, and 9 Gen of eCommerce Sales. The best attribute for this premium membership and best social media app is the unmatched and supreme opportunity to earn money.

The Positives Of Leafit

And just like other reviews we made in the past, let’s do an honest take of the positives and negatives of this new social media and eCommerce service, the purpose of which is to make sure readers understand the transparency and fairness of this review. Let’s start with the positives…

First of all, App Earn Moneythe integration of social media app and eCommerce, not to mention the concept of affiliate marketing, provide a very flexible method of entertainment. But it’s not just about social correspondence. The site is also focused towards network marketing coupled with forced matrix. Additionally, the entire UI is very easy to use. As a matter of fact, there’s no need for any prior technical knowledge in order to be able to fully enjoy the site.

It is also mobile friendly. Aside from the traditional desktop surfing, you can see this website in utmost convenience through your mobile device like a smart phone or a tablet computer. In terms of viewing its news feeds, you get to easily view the photos posted by people you’re connected to, including the other social networks you’re connected to.

Are There Any Drawbacks or Flaws Associated With Leafit?

Or is there one? Honestly speaking, we don’t see any drawback, flaw, or negative thing about this new social media apps site, well, at least for now considering that it is new. Perhaps give us a couple of months to gather more user reviews and feedback and we’ll see.

What’s Our Final Thought For This Leafit Review?

Considering that the site is new, there’s not much we can talk about in terms of advantages and disadvantages, other than the features revealed by the makers of course. However, we do admit it is kind of promising considering the originality behind the integration of social media and eCommerce. It looks good and interesting, especially for those who are looking to continue their hobby spending a lot of time in social media. But this time, they can do so with the prospect of getting some income in return. Now that’s something Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media giants should worry about. There’s a new kid on the block making some substantial impact online.

Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we believe will add value to our readers.

When it comes to email marketing programs, GetResponse may be an old name, but it remains to be one of the best. This isn’t a promotion. It’s a fact that many people who rely on it can’t find anything else which can provide more than quality service. This software program has its humble beginnings in 1999, when the founder, Simon Grabowski decided to build a company called Implix, and that GetResponse would later become the flagship creation.

This GetResponse review aims at providing readers a transparent and fair examination of the so-called best autoresponder (a claim we’ll weigh on later) around, while at the same time digging a bit deeper on the history of the company behind the email marketing software.

A Historical Look at Implix (GetResponse History)

Implix is the company behind GetResponse. But in its early days, it solely operated in European soil. Hence, the targeted audience for its products was exclusively from countries inside Europe. However, all that changed a decade later when the founder eventually decided it was time to take on the American market, too.

GetresponseBased on some GetResponse reviews we’ve read, there are more than three hundred thousand active users. The distribution covers several countries – more than 180 countries to be exact. This suggests that Implix as a company is trying to penetrate the global market with its best email marketing software. Today, both micro businesses and big time names are looking to get GetResponse to be integrated in their day-to-day marketing operations. The ones that already proven the reliability of the product are very renowned brands like GlaxoSmithKline, Marriott, Hilton, and the Blue Man Group.

With Grabowski’s leadership, Implix is focused on providing the best possible services for its customers, with an eye for the corporate environment. According to the company website, GetResponse is literally the cash cow of the entire company. It has garnered awards and distinctions like the Bronze Stevie Awards in four customer service categories, a stint at Inc. Magazine’s yearly 5000 list, and a Blue Ribbon Award from the United States Chamber of Commerce. This year, adding to its collection of awards are three Stevie Awards recognizing the company’s commitment to customer service training.

American Reality For GetResponse

Getresponse ReviewAlthough one might see GetResponse as a highly successful and popular email marketing program based on the awards and distinctions, it’s actually a small name in the U.S., suggesting that there are more prominent competitors in the American market. The main reason for this harsh American reality is that the company, Implix, is bent on focusing on career email marketers instead of small business owners with lacking experience in digital technology. But then again, it doesn’t mean it’s a loser or that it is not worthy of trying.

What every business must understand is that GetResponse is totally worthy of a look. It comes with a good set of features bundled in a reasonable price. There is complete access to comprehensive A/B testing options, single-click list segmentations, and a wide range of tools and reports.

What Can GetResponse Services Offer?

First of all, we need to answer the basic question: What is GetResponse? We’ve been talking about the company behind it and its rising popularity in the worldwide setting. But do you actually have a clue about what it really is and what it offers?

In theory, it is an email marketing software or program that helps a company’s marketing operations, giving that company a more targeted and organized approach. Part of this software’s ability is to help you maintain a list of contacts and create highly professional marketing campaigns. But that’s not it – it also hands out information as well as tools in order to be more successful in terms of reaching a specific audience.

Getresponse ReviewsAs you look closer to the program’s Contacts Section, you’ll see some tools designed to add custom fields to your contact lists. It allows you to do searches and copy contacts. Say for instance you have in your list some names or email addresses that you don’t want to include in your email campaign, correspondence, or follow ups, then you can simply put those names in the blacklist, effectively excluding them in the email marketing campaign. And then there’s the suppression lists. This one allows you to keep a number of people in your contact pool from getting a specific email from you.

But there’s one thing we do fret about GetResponse – it’s the way of inserting files in the multimedia library. While it isn’t really impossible, it’s still kind a bit difficult and annoying. It is actually easy to add the files but looking for the option to search for the files isn’t a cakewalk. You have to know how to add a new folder first. When the folder is created, the service will then provide you with the options of search for files to add to that folder.

Furthermore, GetResponse is able to track down the number of subscribers that open the emails, including those who opt to unsubscribe or place a complaint. Because it is quite comprehensive, it can also determine how many emails failed to arrive at a mailbox. However, there’s no way of telling or finding out why some people opt to unsubscribe.

Implix for its part provides GetResponse users with tons of support. The list includes webinars, PDF and video tutorials, frequently asked questions, learning center articles, and even a glossary. Furthermore, there’s an available email and chat support. Based on our own experience, the chat feature is quite welcoming and impressive. However, it could have been better if there’s a 24/7 phone support in order to quickly answer and provide help for immediate concerns.Best Autoresponder

The Highlights of GetResponse Offering

At this point, let’s take a closer look at the highlights in bulleted form:

  • There are over three hundred thousand active accounts
  • Smart tracking features are integrated
  • There’s a very capable and user-friendly automatic message personalization
  • Unlimited autoresponders, including lists, messages, campaigns, and follow-ups
  • New anti-spam filters

What to Like About GetResponse?

  • We’ve come up with our own assessment of the things to like about GetResponse. This includes:
  • Reporting is great, thanks to a bunch of helpful graphs which allow you to optimize campaigns
  • The program boosts lead generation and increases positive business-building results
  • It catches lost sales and increases leads into more profitable action
  • Eliminated the burdensome, tedious, and repetitious email marketing tasks

What Not To Like About GetResponse?

As mentioned earlier, the one thing we consider as a weakness, not really a flaw, is the lack of 24/7 phone support.

GetResponse Review Conclusion

GetResponse is arguably one of the top email marketing services today, knowing that it’s been in existence since 1999 says a lot about its reputability. We therefore recommend it for companies and business, small, medium, or large scale ones that need additional and more effective approach to email marketing. And maybe, just maybe, adding an automatic response feature will make this program the best.