Leafit is a new type of social media and social networking website. While the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter are focused on sharing content and building a network of friends, this one allows you to post pictures and then earn money in doing so. Basically, when people purchase products or avail of services as a direct result of the pictures you posted, then you will be paid. Similar to other social media, everyone can join Leafit, and it’s free!

The focus of this article though isn’t really to promote Leafit. Instead, we’re here to scrutinize, dig deeper, and even investigate what it has to offer to everyone who fancy social media. So let’s start this Leafit review with a little more discussion on what it really is and what it’s not.

How Does Leafit Work?

First of all, Leafit is not a scam – contrary to some people saying it is. The reason why others are skeptical about it is because it offers a new approach to social networking. It works and is in fact integrated with the concept of eCommerce. You don’t see them charging your credit card without any permission. The site does not have up-sells or deceiving hypes, as you will see being attested even in other Leafit reviews. There are two particular levels you can join with, namely Affiliate and Associate.Leafit Review

The highlights of this new social media combined with eCommerce site are:

Snap It – This is a feature where you share a picture, take one, or maybe use one you already have in your collection, or find anything online.

Tag It – As soon as you post a picture, you will be prompted to tag product or service within the picture. What happens next is that the system will be looking over 18000 retailers and look for the guaranteed lowest price for the product/service and then that tag is connected to the picture.

Share It – As you post a picture on Leafit, it will be shared in every social networking account you have. So when someone clicks on your post on the site or other networks and then purchases the product or service tagged to that particular post, then you’re making money through commission.

What Are The Target Audience/Users For Leafit?

Social Media AppsWe’ve answered the question – what is Leafit. This time, let’s talk about the targeted users. In essence, it is practically for everyone, or at least every person who has a computer or mobile device that can access the web. Of course, it is only limited for those who are interested. So someone is fond of spending the entire day in Facebook or Twitter without even thinking of earning money, this one will do better. There’s no requirement like being an internet marketing expert or whatever – the site is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly.

As mentioned earlier, there are two specific levels of membership when signing up with Leafit. These are Affiliate, which by the way is free, and Associate or Distributor, which costs $49 per month. Let’s have a brief look at these membership levels:

1 – Leafit Affiliate

The product for this free membership is Leafit App. The tools include the Leafit Website and Affiliate Back Office. There are two ways for free affiliates to use the app to earn money. First, you can get a $17 commission for every personal iGrow membership enrollment. Second, you may earn 10% in sales commission on direct sales. But what’s really nice about this Leafit Affiliate membership is that although it is free, you can upgrade to the more comprehensive Associate service anytime you want.

2 – Leafit Associate/Distributor

The products are Leafit App and iGrow University Education with OMCP Certificate. The tools available for Associates and Distributors are Sales Training, Sales Funnels, Daily Webinars, Auto Responders, and Leafit Website and Associate Back Office. Unlike the free membership, this one comes with four different ways to earn. These are 9 Generation Uni-Level, 3×9 Forced Matrix, Evergreen Check Match, and 9 Gen of eCommerce Sales. The best attribute for this premium membership and best social media app is the unmatched and supreme opportunity to earn money.

The Positives Of Leafit

And just like other reviews we made in the past, let’s do an honest take of the positives and negatives of this new social media and eCommerce service, the purpose of which is to make sure readers understand the transparency and fairness of this review. Let’s start with the positives…

First of all, App Earn Moneythe integration of social media app and eCommerce, not to mention the concept of affiliate marketing, provide a very flexible method of entertainment. But it’s not just about social correspondence. The site is also focused towards network marketing coupled with forced matrix. Additionally, the entire UI is very easy to use. As a matter of fact, there’s no need for any prior technical knowledge in order to be able to fully enjoy the site.

It is also mobile friendly. Aside from the traditional desktop surfing, you can see this website in utmost convenience through your mobile device like a smart phone or a tablet computer. In terms of viewing its news feeds, you get to easily view the photos posted by people you’re connected to, including the other social networks you’re connected to.

Are There Any Drawbacks or Flaws Associated With Leafit?

Or is there one? Honestly speaking, we don’t see any drawback, flaw, or negative thing about this new social media apps site, well, at least for now considering that it is new. Perhaps give us a couple of months to gather more user reviews and feedback and we’ll see.

What’s Our Final Thought For This Leafit Review?

Considering that the site is new, there’s not much we can talk about in terms of advantages and disadvantages, other than the features revealed by the makers of course. However, we do admit it is kind of promising considering the originality behind the integration of social media and eCommerce. It looks good and interesting, especially for those who are looking to continue their hobby spending a lot of time in social media. But this time, they can do so with the prospect of getting some income in return. Now that’s something Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media giants should worry about. There’s a new kid on the block making some substantial impact online.

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