Ebooks, reports, white papers. They all need to be written. If you are like me, you love to write, and you have something to say. This is why writing and publishing ebooks online are not just your thing. It’s mine, too.

But, selling ebooks online is only so profitable. You have to market them, and really keep on writing them to reach as wide an audience as possible across as many niches as possible.

Combine your ebook creations with affiliate marketing and you might have yourself a great side job that can eventually generate you enough income where you can quit your real job and make thousands of dollars a week. But, writing quality work or trying to write quality work and testing it to see how it sells before moving forward in a particular niche is tiring!

Content is king, however. The need for it online is not going away anytime soon. So, how can you create quality content and profit off of it? I think this is where Sqribble is destined to help. This is a piece of software that helps you write content, publish it, add glorious covers to your work and get it out there to the world.

I’m also not just talking to would-be authors out there. There are plenty of people who have to craft whitepapers or instruction manuals. These are tedious to write at times as well, but they have to get done. These people are just a few of the others who could use Sqribble.

Sqribble – The Brainchild of Adeel Chowdry

Adeel Chowdry has been marketing online for more than a decade. He has made many number one bestsellers and earned seven-figure sales over and over across platforms like Clickbank and JVZoo.

It all comes down to the formula he has created that makes his customers big winners like he is. He has helped them add value to their businesses and this is where Sqribble is bound to do more of the same. For anyone, like me, who wants to produce content but also wants it to sell, Sqribble is going to become the number one tool to achieve mind-blowing sales.

I’ve looked over the basics of this software and I love that it is an ebook creator. You can even get away with making a book using the software and not write a single word yourself. Now, wait if that sounds like cheating somehow it isn’t.

Let’s say you want to write about power tools and you also want to write about dog training. These are two completely unrelated subjects but power tools and dog training howto books are sold online all the time, every day. People need power tools and they need to learn how to train their dogs. You happen to have a business-oriented mind so you can see where I am going with this, right?

You create a few ebooks about power tool use and dog training. Put them up for sale, get some affiliate links going and reap the rewards. Or not. But, you test the waters of both niche markets. Now, here is the part where Sqribble makes this possible.

Instead of laboring over a book about power tools and dog training, you use the software to generate its own, original content for you. You slap a cover onto your finished work and voila, put it up for sale. Sqribble generates ebooks like magic.

You can have your books up for sale and see how well they do. Maybe you scrap the power tool manual because the dog training book is selling well. Go back to your trusty software and this time write a follow-up book. Use the software to format the book, design the cover and again, put it up for sale and watch the money come in.

Let me go over a little bit more about how Sqribble helps you with writing, designing and formatting your book because I know another thought that is crossing your mind. How is this different from Kindle’s creation tool?

Well, because you do not use it just to create ebooks. Like I mentioned before if you have white papers or instruction manuals to write, and this is something lots of people have to do every day, you can use Sqribble to make the task 1000 times easier. Plus, you can create a sleek looking set of documents that will impress your colleagues.

If you do create ebooks, on the other hand, I think that this software is leaps and bounds over Kindle Create. It produces beautiful covers from more than 50 different templates in 15 niches. What is more, this software produces them in minutes.

If I have to go on about Kindle Create it is only because if you have no budget for a cover designer and you choose to use the cover creator in this product, you get what you pay for which is basically nothing. The images are all the same and I’ve tried making my own covers and ok, they work. But, once I put my book up for sale, I see so many other titles with the same, exact cover and font. How am I supposed to stand out?

You get the idea. There were countless hours put into the development of Sqribble and it shows. You can choose sleek looking covers and formatting and the books come out looking like items that cannot help but get noticed online. This is even if they are about power tools!

What really impresses me about this software is that you can even fill your document, remember it does not have to be an ebook, with automated content. There is a built-in content engine that you can access Just push a button and your document is filled with quality content that you will love.

You can also create your own content if you like. If you write in another program you can also copy and paste your content into your Squribble template. In my case, I wrote my book in Word, then had the software extract the content into my new ebook.

Squribble Review Conclusion

Let's say you want to do more than just write ebooks or documents and whitepapers to make money online. You can also sell the service in freelancer sites.

Remember, the creator, Chowdry, has been responsible for plenty of bestsellers that have earned millions of dollars. Everyone will get different results of course, but the potential is there.

Chowdry’s recent Pixel Studio FX and Social Studio FX were big hits and have gotten great reviews and I can only say from my experience that this one is going to be no different. I think it will be a go-to product for writers, teachers, instructors, coaches, and marketers.

I have been working to sell ebooks and found how important it is to potentially double or triple my income using them.

With so many useful features pack into this awesome graphic and content creation tool take advantage of the launch promotion as this is one tool that will help you earn more online.

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