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2006 marked the birth of Hostnine in the web hosting world. Since then, Hostnine has been providing great support and web hosting products at reasonable rates. In 2012, EIG acquired the company, making Hostnine more cost efficient. Despite EIG’s acquisition of Hostnine, the old management team was retained. The company’s main goal is to consistently improve its products and provide excellent service for their customers. Hostnine allows users to choose from various hosting locations in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, or in Asia. Though they have several servers in different countries, the pricing of the products remains the same. Their popularity has increased and the Hostnine reviews show how effective and reliable the company is in web hosting.

Hostnine Review

What Hostnine Has To Offer?

Based on reviews of Hostnine, customers have been greatly satisfied with Hostnine’s service, which made them one of the best web hosting providers available in today’s market. Hostnine has their 24/7 customer support. They have the live chat and telephone support team who would help in answering questions and solve problems promptly. The hosting company also has the support ticket system, community forums, and the FAQ and blog sections. Most customers have been praising the level of customer service the company provides. The reliable hosting company has been rated by customers as highly efficient in solving complex and urgent customer issues. Unlike other companies, customers can also talk directly to the managers. Hostnine has hired the best managers, technicians, and web hosting experts who could provide faster and more effective solutions even to complex issues.

Aside from providing customer satisfaction, the reviews have also proved that the company is very reliable. Security is one of Hostnine’s top priorities. They have a very high security level for the servers. Customers do not have security issues with Hostnine. All data are protected and kept safe. They have a custom in-house backup system which allows customers to keep and restore data in an instant. Hostnine’s server speed is great. Clients do not complain about downtime or very slow server speed. An online review will also show that the company has been using the latest standard version of cPanel. CPanel allows customers to move hosts easily. Hostnine also guarantees 99.9% uptime and a 45-day money back guarantee.

Some reviews of hostnine would say that customers are very satisfied with Hostnine’s pricing scheme. Customers get to enjoy very affordable prices without sacrificing quality. The web hosting company has been competitive when it comes to the pricing of their various affordable plans that competitors find hard to beat or even match. Customers can also switch plans without charges or penalties. Over the years, Hostnine has earned a reputation of providing great services with incredibly low prices.

Conclusion About Hostnine

Based on most feedbacks, customers have been continuously rating Hostnine as the most highly recommended web hosting company. This shows that the Hostnine management team has always been committed and dedicated to providing an amazing and excellent web hosting experience to their customers. Read any review of hostnine and you will be convinced that the hosting company is one of the top hosts for Reseller and VPS hosting. Hostnine has indeed become a one-stop-shop premium hosting company. Use any one of the promotion codes below if you decide to buy hostnine hosting today.

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