Genuine Clipz Review

Clipz is the hope in video marketing. It is indeed the great innovation of video technology. There aren’t many people who thought that Clipz can change the view of video marketing – that it will totally transform the way videos are used in order to market viewing consumers. It enables you to put many cool stuff in your videos such as calls to action, contact portals and a lot more. With Clipz integration, what you’ve thought as a mere dream in the online video marketing is now coming into reality.

Clipz Review

Advantages Of Clipz

Can you imagine yourself making a video of your company, product or services and uploading it to a video platform, social platform and websites? Then adding calls to action directly to the video to convert the users. That is one of the wonderful things Clipz can offer.

Other advantages include the following:

  • Collect e-mail addresses
  • Schedule consultations
  • Schedule webinars
  • Sell both affiliate products and even sell your own products
  • Use PayPal, Stripe and JVZoo

You can take actions right from the video with Live Buttons on every device, anywhere on earth. Wow! Did you know that the very first television advertisement was aired in July 1, 1941? It was the 20 seconds spot of Bulova watch in the middle of a baseball game. The television used to air that commercial had the same transition in internet. The thing is, it takes 73 years for video technology to evolve.

Clipz ReviewDo you imagine that if you could click on a button to buy that watch instead of going to a store? Now it is possible. The calls to action function works wherever you post your video to, so it’s just a click away. You don’t need to scroll down the tab to click some links or even browse any other sites for purchase or payment transactions. Clipz associates with PayPal, Stripe and JVZoo. You can schedule consultations, this is a great advantage to doctors, dentists, any appointment related services out there. You can set schedule for webinars too or even sell affiliate products or your own products. It puts ever online marketing effort into an easier way to increase impulse buys and to generate leads.

Sales Of Clipz

This product had just been released to the market. The platform is introduced on YouTube by the video uploaded by Chris, one of the co-founder of Clipz. It is just currently being introduced to the consumers and if it hits a liking to their tastes, you’ll see a drastic changes to the pricing.

The product is great for both online and offline marketing. Business people all throughout the world incorporate videos into their marketing campaign whether to promote their company, product or service because it’s the ideal medium. It’s not easy making effective videos, uploading them and getting people to talk about them, but the outcome of your works can be rewarding and huge. Clipz platform is surely a profit booster. You will never miss out on any potential sales now.

I hope my review helped you to decide on buying Clipz and recommend it to your friends.

Note: Clipz had been removed from the market now so the link and banners will be bringing you to another product called Intelliplayer. Intelliplayer is another product that is similar to Clipz. So click on the link or banner to checkout what Intelliplayer can do for your marketing effort.

Clipz Reviews
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