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It is imperative that you research about your competitors’ SEO methods and mistakes, and you must make your website search engine friendly. To do those, you will need to perform SEO webpage analysis on each page of your competitors’ websites.

However, that is a time consuming task. Due to that, you will need to use a web analysis tool such as SEOIQ to help you. Below is an SEOIQ review that will let you know how essential it is to your online business. Together with the review, this page will tell you how you can get SEOIQ free of charge and how you can take advantage of the SEOIQ bonus its provider is offering.

Brief SEO Refresher

Search Engine Optimization is a process that makes your website/s search engine friendly. The definition is easy to understand, right? Now, if you want to know more about it, just visit this page:

Anyway, why do you need your site to be friendly with search engines? Well, the answer to that is simple: The internet is a large marketplace, and your website is your store on the internet. If people do not know where your store is located, they will not be able to visit it and do business with you. A search engine acts as the marketplace’s directory. If your prospective customers want to buy or find something, they need to consult a search engine.

If your site is ‘search engine friendly’, your website can be placed at the front page of the results of the search. And it has been common behavior that most people only visit the first three websites that a search engine results page presents. If you are placed on the next ten or so pages, expect that no one will have access to your site.

What Is SEOIQ?

SEOIQ ReviewSEOIQ is a website analytic tool that performs all the tedious SEO research for its users. Research is important in applying search engine optimization. It has the power to perform SEO analysis on any website you want to check – including your website of course. Not only it will provide you with statistical data on how Google sees the site, but it will also provide tips on how you can fix the SEO issues it will find on the site that you analyzed.

Aside from that, you can access all of your research and analyses on your dashboard. You do not need to copy and compile all the data you need for your SEO tactics. All the data you have gathered will be replicated and placed on the SEOIQ dashboard.

How Does SEOIQ Work?

This website analysis tool will act as a browser extension. It currently supports Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Once it is installed, it will automatically run whenever you do a search engine search or access a website or webpage. If you perform a Google search, you will see a small SEO button in each link. Clicking that button will open the SEOIQ panel, and the program will start analyzing the webpage of the search result link.

On the other hand, if you access a webpage, a small floating SEO site analysis button will appear on it. If you click on it, SEOIQ will start analyzing the page you are in.

Another way to run the analysis tool is to login to the web portal and input the url of the website you are planning to analysis and the tool will perform it task.

Does SEOIQ Really Works?

Yes, it works. It can accurately analyze a web site or page in a snap, which will save you a lot of time. And the good thing about it is that it produces a very detailed results that can give you insights on the SEO mistakes you need to fix and tips you can use to improve a certain SEO aspect, which other SEO tools on the internet do not provide.

SEOIQ DownloadThe only time this program will fail as a good SEO tool is when you do not follow its advice and in cases wherein you are unable to understand what it says. Due to that, it is mandatory that you familiarize yourself with the inner workings of search engine optimization if you want to take full advantage of this handy tool – the same goes with other SEO tools to analyze a website you can find on the web.

Where to Get SEOIQ?

You can get a copy of the program at this site: Fortunately, you can try it free of charge. All you need is to provide your name and email address on the registration box located on the rightmost or bottom part of the page. By the way, you do not need to worry about your email being sold to spammers. Just like you, the creators of the program know how it feels when they are bombarded with unsolicited emails.

Once you finish signing up, you will be given a chance to grab the discounted offers for the SEOIQ Elite version. If you wish to take up the opportunity to get the added features of the elite version then you can proceed to get your copy.

A Quick DS Domination review

Dropship Domination or more commonly known as DSD is a money earning system. To be frank, the correct description will be ‘money earning tool so easy to use that even zombies can get rich.’ It employs the drop ship business management technique, as it name implies, to make every member of this system earn a quick buck. For those who are not familiar with this business model, drop ship is a technique that you act as a retailer but you are not actually one. You get orders from customers, and then forward their order to another retailer or from the manufacturer. The retailer or manufacturer will take care of the rest after that.

How Can That Let Your Earn?

Technically, you will need to employ great buy and sell technique. You will find a manufacturer or retailer that sells the items you want to market at a lower price than the average. After that, you will add a few bucks on top of the original price, and sell it to your clients. If you get orders, you will get the additional cost, and then send the order and money to the retailer or manufacturer you chose.

What Exactly Is DS Domination?

DS Domination reviewDS Domination is a system that will train you to become a good drop shipper. It will provide you with information rich videos that will let you learn the ins and outs of this marketing technique.

The course consists of 19 videos and training modules to enhance your marketing skills and raise the chances of you selling something. And in case you want to learn more, you can request for an elite training course. The course will have 10 hardcore training lessons that consist of marketing secrets and techniques used by leading online sellers in Amazon and eBay.

Is That All With DS Domination?

No. Actually, aside from the training, you can earn some bucks with DSD without drop shipping. You can join its affiliate marketing campaign, and advertise DSD for some easy cash. In every sale that you make, you will earn 75% commission, which is rather beefy.

It Seems Difficult

To be honest, it is not that hard. Its affiliate marketers will receive support from the system. DS Domination will provide internet marketing tools that you can use for you to gain sales and commissions with less effort. You will not be needing to invest a website too since the system will also give you that.

Disadvantage and Possibilities

Of course, it is important to mention the elephant in the room. Yes, it will cost you a few bucks in the process. The money you will spend to get its benefits will serve as an investment. If you want the basic course, you will need to spend at least $20 per month. On the other hand, if you want to become an affiliate instead, you will need to cash out $9.95, which is not that bad since being in the campaign ensure you $3 up to $93 of possible income without being too serious with it. Alternatively, if you decide to take up the elite course, the possible gain you can obtain can range from $99 to $199.

Kontent Machine Review – The Necessary Tool For SEO

Companies and website administrators need a variety of content to keep their site interesting and continue pulling in web traffic. The articles showcased on the site need two key factors: actual content, or a topic to discuss, and keywords. Keywords help the article pop-up among the top results in search engines. The keywords have to be embedded in such a way that the article is deemed excellent by search engines while also sounding natural and professional.

Kontent Machine Review

Kontent Machine is a multifunctional tool but in layman terms and the most basic concepts, it is a spinning software. What it does is it combs the web for articles containing specific keywords, and rewrites them to create new original articles containing the needed keywords. There are a multitude of blogs and site that review the software with almost all of them swearing by it.

What People Are Saying About Kontent Machine?

One such Kontent Machine review states that it is the best investment made by the blog owner. Thanks to the software, the blog owner has to spend no time wracking his brain to create quality content for the blog. The blog owner awarded the software a full 5 out of 5 stars. The review also goes on to mention how the software has an easy time integrating other tools and related software (which are in charge of link building for example). Kontent Machine is not limited to mere text. It can build articles containing contextual links, images and even videos.

Kontent Machine ReviewAnother review of Kontent Machine, and many other reviews of the software,  also go on to praise how easy it is to create “quality” articles ready for publication. Note that quality is actually quite relative. Search engines cannot identify whether the articles read or sound natural. The only thing the bots can verify is the uniqueness of the article. As the Kontent Machine produced articles rely on already existing articles, the resulting spun article can only be as good as the existing ones.

The spun articles, as mentioned above, can thus never reach perfection. The articles would not pass standards of published magazines but they are good enough for to help in providing content sources for backlinking campaigns. It may be tempting to use Kontent Machine to create articles for the site that you are actually trying to promote but the readability of the articles will be off putting to users.

Majority of the articles on the internet tasked with a Kontent Machine review are not purely limited by the word review. They also include a tutorial to the latest version, giving almost step-by-step instructions of its most common functions. The tutorial usually includes the configuration and actual use of its different components: spinning, actual content building, exporting, etc. Together with the tutorial, Kontent Machine’s interface is given a lot of credit for its simple, sleek and user-friendly design.

How Much Does This Unique Content Generator Cost?

However, those aspiring to try it might have a slightly difficult time. Kontent Machine does not come for free. One can make a onetime purchase of $357 or opt to try out the software for a month for $37. There are occasional special pricing that you might get from so if you see a special pricing do grab hold of it as soon as possible.

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